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Fine Art Prints are available from most images you see on this website. The galleries and stock image pages contain the most images. The type of print available will depend on how the image was taken. Large format, 35mm, and digital formats have all been used to create the images you see on this website.

Print Prices

Size Unmounted Mounted Matted (size)
5 x 7 - - $ 25 (8x10)
8 x 10 - - $ 50 (11x14)
8 x 12 $ 30 $ 40 $ 60 (12x16)
11 x 14 $ 80 $ 100 $ 150 (16x20)
12 x 18 $ 115 $ 140 $ 180 (18x24)
16 x 20 - - $ 300 (20x24)
16 x 24 $ 175 $ 240 $ 320 (22x30)
20 x 30 $ 225 $ 325 -
24 x 36 $ 325 - -
30 x 40* $ 345* - -
30 x 45* $ 395* - -
30 x 60* $ 475* - -
Custom ** - -

All images located in the galleries or stock photography section will list how they were created, either digitally or by film type. Images created on 35mm film are best when printed in sizes 5x7 to 16x20. Images created on 6x7cm film have the highest resolution and detail and are available in all print sizes listed. Digitally created images vary in size; larger size images (20-36 MP) will produce higher quality large prints. All prints are made without a border. Mounting and matting is available for and additional charge. Orders that include smaller sized prints are shipped flat. Orders that contain larger prints are shipped rolled. Prints are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx.
*Only available from 6x7 film or 20+ MP Digital images.


Unmounted Prints
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Mounted Prints
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Fine Art Prints

These are commercially made prints printed on either Kodak or Fuji Professional paper and available in Lustre (Matte), Glossy or Metallic (Pearl) finish. They are digitally corrected to create prints that follow the photographer's exact specifications and will last generations. The Lustre (Matte) surface paper is more resistant to fingerprints and offers less glare when viewed under strong light than Glossy paper. The Metallic (Pearl) surface paper offers very rich, vibrant colors with a unique glossy metallic/pearlescent finish. Available from most images on the galleries and stock photography pages.

** Custom Prints, Metal Prints and Canvas

We can offer a wide variety of custom and large print sizes. Pricing is available upon request. Available on Lustre (Matte), Glossy or Metallic (Pearl) papers. We also offer metal prints (on aluminum sheet metal) and canvas prints either wrapped or loose (unwrapped). Contact us for availability and pricing.

Metal Print Prices (printed on aluminum and ready to display)

Size Price
8 x 12 $ 69
12 x 18 $ 199
16 x 24 $ 299
20 x 30 $ 399
24 x 36 $ 599
30 x 45* $ 999*
40 x 60* $ 1499*

*Only available from 6x7 film or 20+ MP Digital images. The large metal prints must be shipped via UPS Freight in a wooden crate that adds an additional $149 in shipping fees. Contact us via email for a quote on large metal prints.


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We currently have 5 pre-printed notecards available:

Gary Regner Photography - Note Cards Spring Morning Butterfly Spider Lilies Hill Country Autumn Bluebonnets

Spring Morning / Spider Lilies / Bluebonnets / Butterfly / Hill Country Autumn

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We currently have 13 pre-printed postcards available:

Texas Wildflower Postcards Goldenwave A Break in the Clouds Here Comes the Sun Mexican Hats Moonlight Serenade Summer Wildflowers Misty Morning Sunrise Lake Bardwell Sunset Wildflowers and Windmill Hill Country Spring Wisps A Perfect Day Tournesols

"Here Comes the Sun" / "Lake Bardwell Sunset" / "Mexican Hats" / "Moonlight Serenade"
"Goldenwave" / "A Break in the Clouds" / " Wildflowers and Windmill" / "Summer Wildflowers"
"Wisps" / "Hill Country Spring" / " A Perfect Day' / "Misty Morning Sunrise"/ "Tournesols"

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* Large orders (>$500) may be invoiced; invoices are due within 30 days or will be subject to a 5% late fee. Invoices more than 60 days past due will be subject to a 10% late fee. Orders payed by personal check may be held for 10 working days before shipping. Returned checks are subject to a $30 fee.

If you have questions about placing an order, please contact us for assistance or further information.