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The 2011 Spring Wildflower Season Has Arrived - After a spectacular 2010 season much of Texas has been in drought since the end of last summer. Rain in essential in the fall for a good wildflower display, and unfortunately, there was little to speak of. Every year brings at least some wildflowers, there will just be far fewer this year. Stay tuned for reports.

  • 0 - Poor: very few wildflowers; not recommended
  • 1 - Below Average: some patches along road with light coverage; no fields
  • 2 - Average: light to moderate patches along road; very few fields with any coverage
  • 3 - Good: moderate to heavy patches along road; occasional fields with light to moderate coverage
  • 4 - Very Good: heavy patches along road; some fields with moderate to heavy coverage
  • 5 - Excellent: heavy coverage along road; fields with heavy coverage common; MUST SEE

  • >August 6, 2011 - Historic Drought and Heat Grips Texas

    The state climatologist has declared that Texas is now experiencing the worst one year drought in recorded history. Record heat has also been observed with July declared the hottest month ever recorded in Texas. La Nina, which brings drier than normal conditions to Texas, is also beginning to re-form in the Pacific. If conditions don't improve with significant rain starting in September, the spring of 2012 will be even worse than 2011.

    >April 30, 2011 - Early End to a Disappointing Spring

    The persistant drought has made for a disappointing wildflower season. The Hill Country is nearly devoid of wildflowers and looks more like winter than spring. Everything is completely dried out with little green grass. Wildfires are burning out of control in many parts of the state. At this point we can only hope for an end to dry conditions and better luck next year.

    >April 20, 2011 - Disappointing Spring Wildflowers on the Decline

    Wildflower reports have dried up along with everything else here in Texas. Drought conditions continue which have contributed to record numbers of wildfires this spring. Some wildflowers continue to bloom in some areas such as Engelmann daisies and firewheels, but their numbers are small compared to most years. There may still be some bluebonnets still blooming in north Texas, but at this point they are going to seed and are past peak. At this point we can only hope for an end to the drought by fall and a better wildflower season in 2012.

    >April 13, 2011 - Ennis Bluebonnets - Go NOW!

    Recent reports from Ennis and the surrounding areas indicate that the best and only significant shows of bluebonnets this year are still going strong. Rain over the past weekend should keep the blooms looking good for the next week, however, seed pods are already showing up so beyond that the bloom will be on the rapid decline. More rain would help prolong the bloom, but at this point there is none in the forecast. If you want to see fields of blue this year, make a trip soon to the Ennis area. Rating: 3-4

    >April 4, 2011 - Ennis Bluebonnets

    Gina R. from the City of Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau reports that the Ennis area in Ellis county south of Dallas is having a great bluebonnet season. Photos from March 30 show very nice displays of abundant, healthy bluebonnets that are still a week or more from peak bloom. That part of that state has not suffered nearly as much from a lack of rain as areas to the south, and should have at least an average wildflower year if not better. This area will likely see the best displays of bluebonnets in Texas this year.

    >April 3, 2011 - Spring Bloom Continues

    Wildflowers continue to bloom in central Texas despite a lack of rain. The Austin area saw it's fourth driest March on record, and the outlook for rain in the near future is bleak. Despite dry conditions, many annual wildflowers continue to bloom, with evening primrose, greenthread and Engelmann daisies predominating along roadways and in vacant lots. There are bluebonnets, however, not in abundance. No good reports out of the Hill Country to date.

    >March 26, 2011 - Spring in Full Swing

    Annual wildflowers are now blooming all over Texas. While drought conditions are covering nearly all of the state, there are reports of some decent displays coming in. Phlox is putting on a better than expected showing this year, and as an early spring bloomer, should be at about peak now. Phlox and other wildflowers are making a decent show in the Luling area, albeit not nearly as prolific as last year. A good area to visit is near the US 183 and IH 10 intersection and to the east. Areas around Halletsville, Luling, Nixon, La Vernia and New Berlin are reported to have good displays of phlox as well. Reports still indicate a very dry Hill Country with few wildflowers blooming.

    >March 20, 2011 - Annual Wildflowers Beginning to Bloom

    Annual wildflowers are beginning to bloom along the highways in central Texas. Evening primrose seem to be most abundant at this time, alond with some greenthread. Some bluebonnets are just beginning to bloom as well, but there are not many at this time. Observations were made along Interstate 35 from Pflugerville to New Braunfels. Rating - 1.

    >March 13, 2011 - Hill Country Update

    No signs of spring yet in the Hill Country except some redbud trees in bloom. Conditions are extremely dry, and even if some wildflowers do manage to bloom this year, the tall dead grass from last year will obscure them from view. At this point prospects look bleak for a significant bloom in the Hill Country this year. Observations were made along Hwy 29 from Seward Junction to Mason, and then along Hwy 377 to Junction. Conditions are even drier along Interstate 10 all the way to Fort Stockton. Rating - 0.

    >March 8, 2011 - Spring has Sprung

    Redbud and Mexican plum trees along with other non-native ornamentals are now in full bloom in central Texas after several weeks of warm weather. Oaks are dropping their leaves and preparing to pollinate, and mountain laurels are just days away from blooming. Reports are coming in from south central Texas of early spring annual wildflowers beginning to bloom such as phlox. South Guadalupe county near Floresville and Stockdale are areas known for good displays of phlox due to the sandy soils. Be sure to submit your reports if you find a particularly nice display of wildflowers and help other wildflower enthusiasts save some money on gas this year.

    >February 25, 2011 - Early signs of spring

    After periods of colder than usual weather this winter, we are now seeing periods of above average temperatures. Some redbud trees are starting to put on blooms in the Austin area. Annual wildflowers should begin to show blooms by mid to late March. The weather has been dry, so a less than average year is expected.


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